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The House of Artists, a residency of artists in Baguida ( Togo)

The House

Located in Baguida, nearly on the coast and 15mn drive to the center of Lomé (Togo), the House of Artists is a hosting place for research and artistic creation. From January 2015 a residency program will be available for artists, from which one part will be to interact with the local population and its resident artists. The House of Artists is an associative initiative between four partners which are: 3C, Studio Theatre d’Art de Lomé, the artistic company Carrefour and Escale des Ecritures. The objective of those four associations is to unite their strength in creating and developing a cultural and artistic dynamic in the heart of the eastern suburb’s population. The mid-term ambition is to give to the area a structure offering to the population regular occasion to meet, exchange and elevate from the arts.

The city

Today, Baguida is a city in the suburbs of Lomé, Togo’s capital. Anteriorly Togo’s capital, the actual city of Baguida has become one of biggest townships in the gulf. The city is located east of Lomé on the national N°2 between the district of Adamavo, Kagomé Avépozo and the coast.
Located at about 13 kilometers east from Lomé, Baguida has become the favorite holiday-resort of the Loméen. On weekends the capital, usually very cramped, empties from its inhabitants who all fly out to enjoy the nice sea breeze of this historic area.

Description of the house

It’s a modern house located in a calm and peaceful area almost next to the seaside (+/- 300 m). The house is organized to have a multifunctional use. It includes:
– A living room of 38m2 fully furnished, ventilated, a dining space, a library, it can be used occasionally for conferences, seminars, readings, small shows…
– A room of 18m2 ventilated and air-conditioned with a bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe and a desk
– A room of 15m2 ventilated and air-conditioned with a bed and dressing room
– A furnished kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave, coffeemaker, cooking utensils, dishes…
– Toilet and shower separated, inside
-Toilet and shower together, outside
– A 36m2 terrace
– A storage room
– A sandy courtyard
– A roofed garage that can fit 2 cars of average size (which can be used for rehearsal space as well)
-A platform of 130 m2 on the 2nd floor that can be used as rehearsal space, reception, etc.
– Internet Access

Who’s for ?

As of 2015, the House of Artists offers a residency program open to all artists foreign and Togo. Priority is given to artists from the residency project integrated activities whom could interact with local artists and/or local population. Writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, choreographers, designers, performers, theater companies, directors, researchers, etc. are encouraged to apply.

For how long ?

The residence duration is defined in relation to the artist’s project. It could be between three weeks and three months (maximum)
Artists (groups or individuals) interested in this program could already send in their application from October 2014, this should include:
– A cover letter, including the duration and the period wished for the residence.
– A description of the project (5 pages max)
– A CV of the artist or the group
– A portfolio including previous work of the artists or the group (visuals, articles, publications…)
– Eventually, a recommendation letter from a person of reference

Which contract ?

After having signed the contract between the manager and the artist or group, the house of artists is available for the allotted period of residence. The manager remains in permanent contact with the artist to whom he proposed our formula « Journey of the artist »; It is a numbers of activities offered to the artist in order to promote their work not only in the Togolese artistic community but also to the larger public and media.
We recommend for the candidates to take into account that the maximum capacity for simultaneous accommodations in the house is 4 for groups and 2 for single residents. There is, however, a few hotel-type accommodations with relatively affordable prices available near the house.
For projects that require it, we could provide the teams a list of hostels and surrounding hotels and/or serve as an intermediary between you and them.
Having no financial resources provided for it, the artist’s house does not grant financial aid. On the other hand, a financial contribution to the cost of the house is required. These costs are determined by the financial situation of the artist. The artists are encouraged to apply for funding to national and international institutions. The management could in turn help to provide information and support for those looking for funding.

Witch deadlines ?

Applications can be sent all year round. However, to allow us to plan and organize accordingly the welcoming of the artists, it is necessary that we receive the request at least 3 months before the start of the residency. Every artists or group wishing to do a residency in the House of Artists can already send their applications at the following address:

To contact us ?
For more information do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: ; phone : (00228) 91 99 90 04 / 90 10 17 70

The house in pictures